HF22: Angled contour and bronzer powder brush – Hollie Fitzmartin Cosmetics
HF22: Angled contour and bronzer powder brush
HF22: Angled contour and bronzer powder brush

HF22: Angled contour and bronzer powder brush

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The HF22 angled contour and bronzer powder brush is designed with soft bristles and an expertly angled head. This brush is an essential for seamless sculpting, as it applies and blends powders flawlessly, ensuring an even result without harsh lines. The shape allows for precise placement of product in the contours of the face, jawbone, below the cheekbones, around the forehead and over the temple.


Open your mouth and drop your chin, then apply your favourite bronzer in the hollow area under the cheekbones and blend with the contouring brush.


Made from super soft, high quality and easy to clean natural hair fibres.




Sculpting the face 



HF Guarantee

Every single one of our brushes is:

Handmade with luxury elements

Made from soft natural-synthetic hair that maintains its shape

Robust thanks to crimped gold ferrules and wooden handles coated with 8 coats of lacquer


Why choose HF brushes?

All of our brushes are handcrafted luxe professional brushes, made with natural and synthetic fibres, and finished with gold ferrules. Our brushes are made from hard-wearing materials to ensure longevity and quality in your kit. All of our face brushes include a brush helper net which ensures your brushes keep their shape when they are drying or being stored.