QUALITY CONTROL – Hollie Fitzmartin Cosmetics


At Hf cosmetics we are committed to ensuring you are happy with all our products.
Due to the nature of delicate items, we want to draw your attention to the following:

Mink is a natural product and no two pieces of hair are identical. All lashes are handmade and therefore you should always expect some variation between each eyelash. The overall effect of the style should not be affected. Care should be taken when removing the product from the tray. Pulling the lash from the middle may cause breakage so we recommend Starting at the corner and gently peel away.
If you feel you have received a faulty product please contact our customer care team info@hfcosmetics.co.uk Our mink fur is sourced by gently brushing live animals and our factories only use humane methods, the mink are never killed for their fur.