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HF2: Small crease blender
HF2: Small crease blender

HF2: Small crease blender

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Our HF2 small crease blender brush is a soft and natural brush, perfect for blending and defining colour into the crease of the eyes. The small crease blender brush features a thin, rounded head and slightly firm bristles allowing for controlled work on the smaller areas of the eye, whilst diffusing product to a seamless finish.


 Using your desired eyeshadow, apply your brush and lightly swirl, then tap off. Apply your colour with light circle motions and then sweep the end of the brush lightly from side to side to soften.


 Made from super soft, high quality and easy to clean natural hair fibres.


 Applying eyeshadow into the crease

Detailed eyeshadow looks

Softening eyeshadow under the eyes

Softening transition shades


HF Guarantee

Every single one of our brushes is:

Handmade with luxury elements

Made from soft natural-synthetic hair that maintains its shape

Robust thanks to crimped gold ferrules and wooden handles coated with 8 coats of lacquer


Why choose HF brushes?

All our brushes are handcrafted luxe professional brushes feature gold ferrules and are gold plated. Both are tough hard-wearing materials to ensure longevity for your new brushes. All our face brushes feature a brush helper net which is extremely useful for re-shaping your brushes when they are drying or being stored.