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Our HF10 brush is currently out of stock due to you all loving it so much  We will have it back in stock end of May and will be shipped to you then free of charge. Please bare this in mind when placing your order💙

A 14-piece luxury, professional eye brush set. 
HF Cosmetics professional brush booklet  offering guidance on how to use every single brush and exclusive HF TOP TIPS available for FREE

 A must-have collection for creating endless eye looks. This mix of natural and synthetic eye brushes contains everything you need to buff, blend and shade, and to apply your desired eye look like a professional.

 Set contains:


HF1 - Blending and highlighter brush

Blends and shades eyeshadow in the crease and transitions, highlights small



 HF2 - Small crease blender

Blends, defines, and shades eyeshadow in the crease.


HF3 - Skinny crease blender

Blends, defines, and shades eyeshadow in the crease.


HF4 – Soft eye definer brush 

Softly blends and smooths eyeshadow, packs on colour.


HF5 - Smokey eye shader and applicator brush

Packs on colour and creates an under-eye smoke.


HF6 – Petite eye crease brush 

Tapered brush perfect for blending shade transitions and eliminating contrasting edges.


HF7 – Eye pencil brush 

Precisely smooths and shades eyeshadow.


HF31 – Concealer, carving and cutting brush

Cuts the crease, carves the brows, and applies concealer and eye bases.


HF33 - Flat eye definer and line smudger brush 

Details and defines the eyes, perfect for smudging a smokey eye.


HF10 - Lip and eye smudger brush 

Shapes the lips, smudges out liner and shadows. Applies highlight in small areas.


HF11 – Eyebrow and eyeliner brush and spoolie

Applies liner, shadows, and brow products. Spoolie grooms the brows and lashes.


HF12 -Tapered mini crease blender brush 

For controlled and detailed blending and packing colour on to the lid.


HF16 Multi use concealer, eye-base and eyeshadow brush

Applies cream products, concealer, and packs shadow on the lid.


HF25 - Soft crease brush 

Blends eyeshadow in the crease, softens and applies transition shades.