Beauty Bouncer Besties( two bouncers) – Hollie Fitzmartin Cosmetics
Beauty Bouncer Besties( two bouncers)

Beauty Bouncer Besties( two bouncers)

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2 beauty bouncer Besties



  • Say hello to the softest sponge on the market, our multi task/ functional beauty bouncer has 4 angles to cover every area of the face making you achieve a beautyfull finish every time.


Perfect for

  • Concealer
  • Blending
  • Foundation
  • Cream Contour
  • Cream Highlight
  • Cream blush
  • Baking & setting


How to use

  1. Gently squeeze your sponge under running water until it's wet.
  2. Wrap the sponge in a clean towel to soak up any excess surface water.
  3. Bounce the sponge onto the face


Hf top tip use the small tip for getting right under the eyes, applying liquid highlight and baking the side of the nose, the medium angles concelear/ cream contour and blush and the big side for foundation and blending.


How to clean

  • After each use, simply apply a small amount of soap to your palm. Swirl and compress the sponge, adding water to work up a lather and massage in the soap. Then, rinse it thoroughly and leave it to dry in a clean area ready for your next application.


  • The beauty bouncer can be used for both powder and liquid products.